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The Complete Book Of Phonics

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FINALLY . . . A Kid-appealing book that brings the power of phonics directly to young learners! The Complete Book of Phonics--THE MOST THOROUGH AND COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE to phonics AVAILABLE! Designed by leading experts in reading education, this book offers children ages 4-8 the tools they need to become successful readers. Its systematic approach teaches children how to decode unfamiliar words and strengthen spelling skills as they complete a variety of exercises that focus on letter-sound correspondence and patterns. WHAT MAKES THE COMPLETE BOOK OF phonics SO DIFFERENT FROM OTHER BOOKS? It's the most complete book that offers: Critical phonics skills necessary to ensure successful independent reading. Writing activities that draw on the reader's own experiences and interests. Full-color, kid-appealing illustrations and exercises to spark the interest of young learners. Review pages to evaluate student progress and ensure mastery of essential basic skills.

An answer key that not only provides answers to the exercises, but demonstrates how the lessons should be done. THE COMPLETE BOOK OF Phonics--the essential guide for reading success!

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